THE BOx book 1

Lou regrets opening the box her gran left after she died. Not because it holds a spider as she thought, or toenails as she feared. Inside is a person, an impossible miniature man, and her life will never be the same.

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The Box book 2

When Sin discovers a map left by her gran showing where her sister’s remaining pouches of magic are hidden, she finally has an adventure she can sink her teeth into. Sin jumps at the chance to go back through the portal and into the world of her gran’s stories.

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the box book 3

Nearly two years have passed since Lou first opened the magic box her Gran left her. She’s become comfortable with her magic and has even learned to wield a sword. But nothing could prepare her for this.

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the box book 4

Four years before the events of The Sword, Tristan enrolls at the University under a disguise. Her goal is to seek out weaknesses within the system and find a way to destroy the Sword. She soon discovers the wizards she’s hated her whole life are not all the evil beings she expected.

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Christina G Gaudet is an author of young adult novels with a magical twist. When not writing, Christina can be found working on comics, illustrations and designs. She grew up and continues to live in Prince Edward Island, Canada where having red hair instantly makes you famous.